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War of independence:in 1808 Bonapartes rule led to a reviolt in Madrid. A series of antifrench uprisings in Spain mark the beginning of the war of independence, divided into 3 phases: 1Spanish resistence use the guerrila warfare French army heading for Andalusia was defated in Battle ofBailen 2 French offensive Many cities refused to surrender and long sieges took place in zaragoza & girona 3Anglo-Spanish victories: Due the weakened French forces, Napoleon was forced to redirect part of French amy to russia. The duke of welleington joined spain against France in Battle of salamaca. Year later Treaty of ValenÇay was signed & the crown returned to ferdinand vii Luddism and unionism during d protest of alcoy people attacked the city and destroyed mechanil looms. In 35, ludittes fire the Bonaplata factory. Factory workers need a organisation to defen they rights in 40 1 trade union was  created Barcelona weavers association in 55 1 general strike in Barcelona, protest about machines that threaten workes job. The ideas of 1 International took hold in spain and unite differen left political with trade unions to defernde rightsAssociation spanish federation of the international workers association was created and spread Anarchist and marxis ideas. Socialism grewth slow. In 79 PSOE was founded later UGT was created both had following in Madrid Basque Country y Asturias. Socialist wanted social revolution that put end to capitalis. Socialist supported the strikes to defend rights of work Anarchism: the oppresed of workers and peasent were did that the anrchist call 4 protest against burgeoisie y capitalism. On faction were violent, this group perpetraed attacks on political figures. A clandestine society of anarchist was blamed for murders and the goverment suppress Andalucian anarchism. Rural conflicts:situation in the cuntryside worsend due continued famines and lack of land peasents organise Luditte protesrs burning harvest and robbery led to peasant uprising y repressed by the Guardia Civil

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