Formal and Polite English Questions: Examples and Corrections

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I-> more formal, polite. MAI el verb DO. Sino hi ha Question Word-> IF EJ-> I- Could you tell me what time it is? D- What time is it?// I- CYTM what time he finished? D- What time did he finished?// I- CYTM if he likes chocolate? D- Does he like chocolate?// I- CYTM how much your earn? D- How much do you earn?// I- CYTM what your first job was? D- What was your first job?// I- CYTM who your sister is? D- who is your sister?// I- Do you know where the shops are?// D- Where are the shops?// I- CYTM where i can buy a map? D- where can i buy a map?// I- Would you mind telling me what bus i need to take? D- what bus DO i need to take? // I- Could you tell me if he works here? D- Does he work here? //I- CYTM what his name is? D- What is his name?//I-Do you know if this is the information center?  D- Is this the information center? I- Do you know if they will cash a check? D- Will they cash a check?

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