Formal Letter Opening, Asking Politely, Complaining, and Closing

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Formal Letter Opening:

(FORMAL LETTER) OPENING: I would like to apply for one of the scholarships I saw advertised in your prospectus. (applying for a scholarship) / I am looking for an outdoor work during the summer holidays and I would like to apply for the position of hotel lifeguard assistant which I saw advertised in my university's student newspaper. (applying for a job) / I have seen your advertisement for the post / vacancy / job of… advertised in the local newspaper on 16 June. I am writing because I would like to apply for the job. (applying for a job) / I am the secretary of my college Science Club. I saw your advertisement for the exhibition 'The Next 100 Years' and I am interested in organizing a group visit. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it. (requesting information)

Asking politely: Could you tell me... ? / I would be grateful if you could... / I would be interested in having more details about... / I would like to know if/when/where... / I would like information on... / Do you know if...?

Complaining: I would like to complain about + noun or -ing / ... is not what I expected / was expecting / I am not satisfied with... / I would be grateful if my money was refunded / if you could give me a refund

Closing: I look forward to hearing from you soon / I look forward to receiving your reply / I look forward to receiving a full refund (in a complaint letter) / I would like to know what you are going to do about this situation (in a complaint letter) / I would like to thank you in advance for this information (in an inquiry letter - requesting information) / If you require/Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me/feel free to contact me.


(REPORT): (P1) The main aim/objective/purpose of this report is to... / To prepare for this report, I conducted interviews with.../I visited three of the most popular.../I discussed the issue with... / (P2,3) According to... / All those who were interviewed believe that/are concerned that.../It is thought that.../It was commented upon by a number of people we talked to that... / A cause of dissatisfaction was... / The arguments against... are the following: / The following were the main reasons given for supporting...: firstly, ..., secondly, ... / Points mentioned in favor of/against... were: / There are several ways in which... might be... : / (Last P): Taking all the factors mentioned into account... / I would therefore recommend.... / Clearly, more could be done to.... I would make the following recommendations:


(REVIEW): What I liked What I liked most was... / The thing I liked most was... / I was pleasantly surprised by... / ... would appeal to... / If you get a chance to... / What I disliked What I disliked most was... / I was disappointed by/with... / Criticism The script seemed rather conventional/predictable to me. / The plot struck me as completely bizarre/absurd/incomprehensible / The characters are appealing and true to life / The dancers were quite brilliant/amateurish / Recommendations Judging from this CD / show... / Overall, if you like..., you'll love / you should... / Although some of... he/she/it's still a great... / You really must/should buy/see/read/visit... / I would definitely recommend seeing/visiting/reading/having a look at...

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