Flight Planning

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the Narrator is antonio, the father of antonio lived in New york, antonio lived the florida during his childhood, but his family moved to Spain when the he was 12 years old and I take his friend jason was living in new york after completing his studies in Salamanca with him, his best friend was jason. She studied theatre, lived in an apartment and he is looking for work as an actor, but was working as a waiter in a restaurant. Jason and Anthony are close friends because both have common interests. Elaine:  She is a girl who was studying at New York University and was finishing his doctoral thesis on the history a from new york, she works as a waitress in the restaurant with Jason, she becomes the most important person for Antonio. Secondary characters: George: coincided with Antonio. During the flight, When the came to New York, George took Antonio to jason House limousine. Peter: it is a Hawaiian friend of Jason, Antonio met him at the Thanksgiving dinner. Lin: he had a shop in Chinatown. Elise: She is the person who played the piano in the new year's Party.  Scott: Scott is a fashion photographer. Jose Luis: Antonio met him at the Thanksgiving dinner. Antonio was with Jose Luis to Yankee Stadium and explained the history of Yankee Stadium.

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