Flight Planning

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It never occurred to us that pedro might be planning to leave the country.

No matter how fast we drive, we'll never get to the airport on time.

Tom's grandfather is supposed to have seen an extremely skilfull player.

An experienced accountant has now taken over the running of the football club.

He gave as accurate an answer as he could to the judge's questions.

Those sandwiches do not appeal to me very much.

My pen friend hasn’t been in touch with for ages.

Everyone's opinion must be taken into account before a final decision is made.

My cousin's unexpected visit provided me with the perfect excuse for not doing my homework.

There's no saying what the real consequences of global warming will be.

The arrival of the celebrities is widely expected in the next half-hour.

The chances are that Phil will get the job he's being interviewed for.

It's just as much fun singing in a choir as it is playing the drums.

These drastic measures are likely to result in the government losing some support.

The teacher tried to attract our attention but none of us took any notice of her.

They had almost run out of petrol by the time they reached the filling station.

We will dispatch your books as soon as we receive the order provided they're in stock.

If the gym hadn’t put up its fees last month, I would still be a member.

According to the driver, our delay was caused by the breakdown of an earlier train.

If it weren’t for Sarah’s ideas, we wouldn't have been able to put on a successful fashion show.

Everyone in the street with the exception of Leo came to my farewell party.

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