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Miriam: Hi Claudia, how are you? I Have not seen you in a long time.

Claudia: I know it. I’m fine and you?
Miriam: I am fine, But with a lot of work and taking care of the children, a non-stop!
Claudia:  Oh Yes, I can imagine, How’s the little Nerea?
Miriam: She is too Big now. Look, as the time is going on. (she shows a photo to her)
Claudia: She is Beautiful.
David: Welcome to New York Burger. My name is David, and I´ll  be your waiter, How many people are?
Claudia: Table for Two. Please
David: All right, Come with me around here. (they sit at a table)
Miriam: thank you Very much
David: (he leaves The menu card on the table) Do you want to drink something while you think what Do you want to eat?
Claudia: Yes of course, a Bottle of water without gas, please
Miriam:and To me a zero Coke
David:very good. As you know The soft drinks are unlimited, you can consume all you want I Explain you,  we have an offer for fourteen euros which includes, an entree, Main course and dessert and drinks or on the other hand if you wish you can Order something out of the menu and not being included in this promotion, it is Not a closed price like the menu
Claudia:Okay, then we thought We'd ask and now we tell you
David: Okay, I'll get them Right away


Miriam:(she Raises her hand as if calling him) I’m sorry, could you come for a moment?

David: Yes, tell me, Do I Take note already?

Miriam: Yes, Please for entree put the new york nachos, main course a burger queens the meat To please, with chips and extra bacon.

David:  Ok, Perfect  new york nachos, a queens to the point with extra bacon and Chips, right?

Miriam: Yes, thank you.

David: Perfect And you Miss?

Claudia :I'm Also interested in this promotion, a marilyn monroe for entree, an Empire State But no jalapenos and the little meat made please.

David: What kind of sauce do You want?

Claudia:Mustard and honey.

David: Ok, perfect For Anything do not hesitate to call me ____________________OKEY______________________________

Claudia:You must be very Hungry, right?

Miriam:The Truth is that yes, long ago that not as calmly and the occasion deserves it, by The way already you have all the preparations of the wedding?

Claudia: Yes, it's practically All prepared, I'm missing something like that, giving details to the guests, You know ... A cigar, a small bottle of wine …

Miriam: What An illusion, the day of my wedding was incredible, you know. You're going to Look beautiful. It's a very important day.

Claudia:If I'm a little nervous The truth, but I really want.

Miriam:Where are you going to Honeymoon.?

Claudia:To Australia, we have Already booked the hotel and the flight, it has to be spectacular.


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