Five hours with Mario

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5hcm Loc is a novel by Miguel Delibes (1920) published in 1966. This author is considered as the most representative of intimate realism. The creation of Delibes covers many topics: childhood, sports, wildlife and the denunciation of social injustices. He has received several considerations and galrdones including membership of the Royal Academy of the tongue or to be named Favorite Son of Valladolid and Andalusia. Abstract: 3HCM is a monologue about memories of a woman who watches the corpse of her husband. It is one of the most famous of Delibes and Tatro was made into very successful with audiences and critics. The book is divided into three parts: prologue and epilogue monologue. Both the prologue to the epilogue how to use 3rd person omniscient narrator. A dif. of these two parts corresponding monologue to a dialogue inside the widow.
- This cap. ... belongs to the part where ...
The wife turns to his widowed mother, Marie, 2nd person, was referred to it during the 5 hours of viewing and review the common life of this marriage of the fifties and sixties. Both are quite the opposite in thought and beliefs, we can see 2 faces: conservatism and liberalism, materialism and idealism. The submissive woman at home that takes it out, vent and rebels against the lost time. He faces the second-intellectual figure who is capable of writing a book but unable to buy his wife a hundred. The characters belong to the peqña 5HCM forming bourgeoisie and proletariat. What are mainly narrates the events that the characters live and suffer as a normal fact of its existence. Carmen creates his monologue x q is the desire to tell mario d q failed to consummate the adultery with Paco and get his pardon, which until Chapter 27 can not know at all in detail.

Yet it is a frustrated woman, full of resentment and anger toward her husband who blames indifference and emptiness that made him feel x their apathy. Mario, however, appears as the polar opposite of the wife reached ideas man, honest, committed pacifist and culturally and politically. But traditional treatment of his wife who has not allowed the exit of the domestic world. It is striking in this novel language: vulgar vocabulary, inaccuracy, repeated, idioms, ellipses, etc. The narrative technique: the inner monologue, an essential aspect in the renewal of the narrative techniques of the 60s, the second person cosntante speech scolds his obsession, q makes the most whimsical associations. CONCLUDES: A novel innovation within the Spanish novel dsd the technical point of view. Work to renew the literary techniques in an effort to express adequately the present world. (Modern man, his problems ...) is both a novel x representavtiva of the human condition of this from the 60

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