Fertilisation in oviparous aquatic animals and terrestrial animals

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Porifera – sponges

•the Simplest multicellular animals
•are Sessile (do not move) and live in the water

Cnidaria – jellyfish, corals, hydra and sea anemones

aquatic Animals
have A gastrovascular Cavity
•Some Have radial symmetrical 

Platyhelminthes – flat worms

•have A soft, flat body (unsegmented)
•bilaterally Symmetrical
•live In water

Annelida – worms And leeches

•segmented Bodies (divided into sections separated by rings)
•have A mouth and an anus
•bilaterally Symmetrical

Mollusca – snails, slugs, clams, squids, octopus

•most Are aquatic

•unsegmented Bodies


many Have shells

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