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Personality characteristics of a Death Foretold Chronicles: Santiago Nasar - 21 year old male who has dropped out of school after the death of his father to direct "The Holy Face", an estate that his father bequeathed him. He is a dreamer, happy and not get into trouble, who is killed by the Vicario brothers after being identified by their sister as he took his virginity. And is loved by the people. Ángela Vicario - Woman of Bayardo San Román, who was returned to her wedding night by not a virgin at marriage, she blames Santiago Nasar. Ibrahim Nasar - Arabic late father of Santiago Nasar. It is noted that he spoke in Arabic with his son and he answered well and remarked as a strange fact as it was not normal from the third generation (which is part of Santiago). Victoria Guzmán - Cook family Santiago Nasar. Prior to the cook, was a lover of Ibrahim Nasar. Divina Flor - daughter of Victoria Guzman. He knows that sooner or later the lover will like it or not, of Santiago Nasar. The Bishop - He hates the people. It is after your visit when Santiago Nasar is murdered. Placida Linero - The Mother of Santiago Nasar. His son is killed at the front door of your own home, after her mother thinking this close was in its interior. Luisa Santiaga - Mother of the narrator, and therefore Margot, Luis Enrique and Jaime; godmother to Santiago Nasar, after whom it was named. Pedro Vicario - brother of Angela Vicario, twin Pablo Vicario. Take the initiative to kill him, although they are not convinced. Pablo Vicario - brother of Angela Vicario, Pedro Vicario twin. Margot - Sister of the narrator. Jaime - younger brother of the narrator. Luis Enrique - brother of the narrator. Father Carmen Amador - Pastor of the people and ex-medical student. It makes very little laboratory accurate autopsy the dead. Christopher "Christ" Bedoya - Friend of Santiago Nasar. He tried unsuccessfully to prevent his death. Lázaro Aponte - retired colonel and mayor of the town. It is the only person in the village who dares to do something about the murder to catch them knives to the murderers though they are by others. Flora Miguel - Bride of Santiago Nasar from school and they would get married in the year he was killed . Bayardo San Román - Stranger who married Angela Vicario. Magdalena Oliver - Neighbor of the people. Pontius Vicar - Father of Angela Vicario. Purisima del Carmen or Pura Vicario - Mother of the twins (Paul and Peter) and Angela Vicario. Mercedes garcha - Future wife of the narrator. Alexandrina Maria Cervantes - Owner of a brothel in town. Santiago Nasar was enamored of her adolescence. Clothilde Armenta - Owner of the milk store plaza. Rogelio de la flor - Husband of Clotilde Armenta. General Petronio San Román - Father of Bayardo San Román. Alberta Simonds - Mother of Bayardo San Román. Faustino Santos - Butcher of the people. Go to the Vicario twins sharpening their knives but do nothing because he believes they are drunk. Leonardo Pornoy - Police Officer. Iguarán Dionisio Doctor - Doctor of the people, first cousin Luisa Santiago. Hortensia Baute - Neighbor of the people. Prudencia Cotes - Novia de Pablo Vicario. Suseme Abdala- Matriarch of the community of Arabs settled in the village. The nun - Sister of the narrator. Prosperous Arango. Meme Loaiza. Testify the facts. Villero Aura - Midwife in the village. Polo Carrillo - Owner of the plant eléctrica.No liked Santiago Nasar. Fausta Lopez - Women's Polo Carrillo.Tenía a bad opinion of the Turks. Indalecio Pardo - Friend of the family Santiago Nasar. Scholastica Cisneros. Testify the facts. Sara Noriega - Owner of the shoe store. Dangond Celeste - Neighbor of the people. Yamil Shaium - Arabic Ibrahim Nasar former partner and good friend of the family. Widower of Xius - Widower of Xius Yolanda and the original owner of the most beautiful town house is bought by Bayardo San Román. Wenefrida Marquez - the narrator's aunt, lives in front of Santiago Nasar. Nahir Miguel - Father of Flora Miguel, Santiago's girlfriend Nasar.Barba colorada.Varon community wise . Poncho Lanao - Neighbor of Santiago Nasar, lives in the house next to it. Argenida Lanao - Daughter of Lanao Poncho. Justice Instructor - Pretty young. It is his first case. Sent to clarify the crime, he concludes that Santiago Nasar was not what she took Angela Vicario's virginity .***************** LITERARY RESOURCES: Alliteration Repetition of a sound or group sounds, clearly, in a verse, a verse or phrase. The sound that hoarse hoarse storm. (José Zorrilla) ONOMATOPOEIA. alliteration occurs when the sounds or noises to imitate reality. In the silence only escuchabaUn bees are sounding whisper. (Garcilaso de la Vega) paronomasia Using very similar pronunciation words which, when combined, result in striking changes of meaning. Presa floor, slowly, Spend a lifetime of prose. (Miguel de Unamuno ) syntactic resources - Anaphora Repetition of one or more words at the beginning of a verse or phrase. Tell me, tell me your secret virgin heart, / tell me your secret underground body. (Vicente Aleixandre) asyndeton. Deliberate omission, rhythmic or aesthetic purposes, the bonds that connect words or sentences. Go, run, fly, the high mountain passes, took the plain. (Fray Luis de León) Deletion of any of ellipses elements of a sentence. For a look, a world for a smile, a heaven for a kiss ... I do not know what to give you a kiss! (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer) IDENTIFICATION Accumulation of words to describe a place, an object ... The quiet, peaceful place, the amenity of the countryside, the serenity of the heavens, the murmuring brooks, peace of mind, are a big part for most barren muses fertile show ... (Miguel de Cervantes) hyperbaton consists of altering the normal order of words in a sentence. It was the year the station florida ... (Luis de Góngora) PARALLELISM Repeating the same structure along two or more lines, statements, etc.. Sighs are air and go to air, water and tears are going to sea ... (Becquer) Rodeo circumlocution to express something that can be said in a shortest time. ... will quickly entered the clear day. (Dawn.) (Alonso de Ercilla) pleonastic use of unnecessary words to intensify the feeling that wants to express.Early in the morning ... got up early (Miguel Hernández) polysyndeton Reiteration or proliferation of connective links. There is a palace and a river and a lake and an old bridge ... (Juan Ramón Jiménez) REDUPLICATION
Immediate repetition of a word. I go, I go, I'm going, but I stay. (Miguel Hernandez) SEMANTIC RESOURCES - antithesis or CONTRAST consists of two contrasting words or ideas of meaning the opposite.
And it's just being happy lies in the truth who always unfortunate. (John Bosco)
I watch as you sleep, I cry when you sing. (Cervantes) APOSTROPHE Invocation to a person or an inanimate being. To hear me, O sun, I salute you. (Espronceda comparison or similar relation of resemblance between a real word and one imagined that appear linked by a particle. Much slept in their cuerdascomo note the bird sleeps in the branches! (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer) Adjective Epithet explanatory notes unnecessary and that a quality that is implicit in the accompanying name, is usually a prefix. For you the green grass, fresh wind, the white lily and red rose .. (Garcilaso de la Vega). hyperbole of reality, intended to enlarge or diminish the concept expressed. The bed was on the floor and slept on a side for not spending the sheets. (Quevedo) Irony
Says the opposite of what he means. Ate a meal eternal, without beginning or end. (Quevedo) Metaphor Identification of two terms, one real and one imaginary. This identification is based on the similarity between terms. Rians the fuentestirando pearls (= water droplets) to the flower ecillasque are closer. (Lope de Vega) Metonymy Replacing the name of a thing for another with which saves a close relationship. A Picasso (instead of a painting by Picasso) A special form is synecdoche, which is to appoint a part for the whole or the whole for the part: Give the hand, head (for men). PARADOX Formulation of a contradiction is apparent. Dying and living are born die. (Quevedo) solemnity (personification) Allocation of creatures human qualities to inanimate objects. The night calls shaking the glass of the balcony ... (Federico Garcia Lorca) SYNESTHESIA Attribution qualities of one meaning to another. When you hear the silence clears the dark omens.
(Mia Couto) What peace violet! (Juan Ramón Jiménez)

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