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1.To determine the discharge coefficient of a large measurement structure such as Overflow spillways or a weir
2.To develop an effective method for energy dissipation at the outlet of a hydraulic Structure.
3.To Reduce energy loss at an intake structure or at a transition section.
4.To Develop an efficient, economic spillway or other type of flood releasing Structure for reservoir.
●5.To Determine an average time of travel in a temperature control structures, for Example in a cooling pond at a power plant.
6.To Establish the best cross section, location, and dimensions of various Structural components such as break water, the docks, and locks in harbor and Water way design.
7.To Determine the dynamic behaviors of a floating, semi – immersible And bottom structures in transportation or offshore facilities

Dynamic  similarity between a model and the prototype Is attained  if the ratio of homologous Forces is kept at a constant value.

Geometric Similarity is achieved by maintaining a fixed ratio for all corresponding Lengths between the model and prototype

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