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Main themes:

Woman/female “protagonist”/main character spanning across all “chapters”

Negative influences from outside sources affecting lives of female character

Family being a very powerful support system

Gender Roles

Accident, Coincident, or Answer Prayer

“Each time I came to, i saw that he continued to cry and to beat me and I continued to pass out” (30)

Firstly gives insight into overpowering dominance and abuse of men over women.

Then gives insight into the gratitude women must show to men in such corrupt societal norms

Finally, depicts the silencing of women. By constantly causing her to black out, he does not give her the ability to speak or defend herself.


“Too many sociologists and social scientists have declared that the act of rape is not a sexual act at all but rather a need, a need to feel powerful.” (45)

Gives insight into the rape culture that has developed in America

Diminishes the evil of the act, again giving merit to the actions of men

Yet again we see power given to men in societal expectations.

Race in America

Home (6)

“Poor white children had the license to address lauded and older blacks by their first names or by any name they would create.”

First insight into extreme racism

Exaggerated influence of racism on social hierarchy.

The word “license” gives power based on merit and status, further demeaning the other race.

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