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The Millennial Generation is probably the most Well known and criticized. They have grown with the start of digitalization and The economic crisis has marked their access to the labor market. They are Connected to the internet constantly (through different mobile devices) and They like to share their social networking experiences. Moreover, they also Prefer to interact with businesses and tourist destinations through this Medium.To begin with, there are different sources Between which years the millennial generation is located. Canalis (2015) Defined the Millennials generation as the young people born between the years 1983 and 2000. But at the same time Ordóñez (2018) wrote an article that says That the Millennial generation is made up of young people born between 1980 and 2000. Therefore, after comparing different sources, the millennial generation Will be focused between the years 1981 and 1996 (age 23 to 38 in 2019), and Those born since 1997 are part of the Generation Z, according to Dimock (2019) in the Pew Research Center. Some of the characteristics of Millennials are That they are digital indigenous people, it means that they were born Surrounded by digital technology. So most of them are addicted to the mobile That they see as their body's extension. According to Jordan (2019) Millennials Have driven technological and social change around the world. He also argues That the changing attitude of Millennials towards work and leisure affects the Corporate world, and this has an impact on the world of travel, resulting in Millennials making up 75 percent of the global workforce within 10 years. Referring to Rodriguez (2019) the shift in the way tourists travel with the Appearance of OTAs, social networks, and hotel sector saturation makes differentiation A key factor in hotel development. The guest's experience is completely new and Differentiating, as long as he can book his room and choose from his own mobile Device, depending on the solution you have. Referring to Lee (2013) another aspect of a Journey that Millennials need is the idea of promoting social responsibility. Not only do they want to see new sites and enjoy local experiences, but they Also want to hope to contribute to the community and the world. Some of the Things most valued by the most of millennials when traveling are: the Hospitality of people of the destination, excursions and tours and Accommodation. Moreover, it’s also valued the sense of security if the Destination is comfortable to visit, if it has good public transport, cultural Diversity and tourist information centers, as well as a wide range of Gastronomic and leisure facilities, although to a lesser extent

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