Evolution of Giraffes and Human Ancestors: Lamarck vs Darwin

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Lamarck: The Evolution of Giraffes

  1. The ancestors of giraffes had shorter necks and legs than nowadays.
  2. As giraffes tried to reach the leaves on the top branches of the trees, their necks and legs grew.
  3. Offspring inherited these characteristics.

Darwin: Natural Selection and Giraffe Evolution

  1. Giraffes originally had some variation in the length of their necks and legs.
  2. Natural selection favored the giraffes with longer necks and legs, leading to increased offspring.
  3. As a result, the number of giraffes with long necks and legs increased.

Amniocentesis: Prenatal Genetic Anomaly Detection

Amniocentesis is a technique used in prenatal diagnosis to search for possible genetic anomalies. It involves extracting a sample of amniotic fluid and studying the fetal cells.

Evolution of Human Ancestors

  • Australopithecus: Upright
  • Homo Habilis: Hunters, used simple tools
  • Homo Ergaster: Complex relationship
  • Homo Erectus: Used different tools, carved stone, and used fire
  • Homo Antecessor: Hunters, similar facial features
  • Homo Neanderthalensis: Ritualistic burials, possibility of language and artistic expression
  • Homo Sapiens: Made hunting tools, created decorative and domestic objects in different materials, ritualistic burials, language and artistic expression

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