Evidence of Evolution and Present-Day Theories

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Evidence of Evolution

  1. Anatomical and Morphological Evidence:
  • Homologous organs
  • Analogous and vestigial organs
Fossil Evidence:

Fossils reveal that organisms in the Earth's past were different from nowadays.

Embryonic Evidence:

Some embryos from different species are similar, indicating an evolutionary relationship between them.

Biogeographical Evidence:

Biogeographical patterns can be explained according to theories of evolution.

Molecular Evidence:

Molecular similarities reveal the degree of relatedness between two groups.

Other Evidence:
  • Parasites: organisms that live off other species.
  • Behavior: based on genetic inheritance.

Present-Day Theories of Evolution

Neo-Darwinism considers that natural selection does not act on the individual in isolation but on the population it belongs to.

The Origin of New Species

Changes produced in living things over time cause the formation of new species. A species is a set of individuals with similar morphology and similar anatomical and physiological characteristics that reproduce with each other.

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