European Economic Community and Treaty of Rome

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Greek Europe: A Lady Kidnapped by a Bull - 1944 First Inter Cooper Belgium, Luxem, Netherlands

Fathers of Europe

Jean Monnet and Robert Sch - ECSC (Coal and Steel) - 25th March 1975 Treaty of Rome, Economic Affairs - European Army - Plenary Session Strasbourg and Brussels - 1979 First Vote - European Economic Community (1name) - Norway is not member of EU - 2009 Constitution Replaced Treaty of Lisbon - Denmark and UK No Euro - Enter EU in 2007 Romania and Bulgaria - 2004 Vote Against to European Constitution France and Nether - Treaty EU Economic Stability Pact in 1992 was signed in Maastricht - Last to join in EU was Croatia - Referenda on the European Constitution in France and the Netherlands showed more trust in their national parliaments. Treaty of Lisbon Role

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