Essential English Prepositions List

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Immune to Impresud with Inferior to
Indifferent to Jealous of Kind to keen on
Limited to Lucky at/with Mad at about Married to Nervous of/about Notorious for
Opposed to Optimistic about Patient with
Pessimistic about Pleased with Polite to
Popular with Presented with Proudof Punished for Puzzled by/about Qualified for
Ready for Related to Responsible for Sad about Sensitive to/about Serious about Sick of Similar to Shocked by Skillful at Slow at
Sorry for/about Successful at/in Suitable for Sure of/about Superior to Surprised at/by
Suspicious of Sympathetic with Talented at
Terrible at Terrified of Tired of Thankful to/for Typical of Upset about Used to. Nouns + prep ON Debate on Information on Hold on
Agreement on Ban on Congratulations on
Decision on Report on ABOUT Agreement about Anxiety about Concern about Confusion about Debate about Decision about Information about Story about INTO Inquiry into Investigation into Research into
Translation into IN A decrease in A fall in
A rise in An increase in Belief in Change in
Course in Delay in Difference in Difficulty in
Experience in Growth in Interest in Lesson in Participation in Place in Success in OVER Authority over Control over BETWEEN Link between A connection between A contact between two A difference between two A relationship between Bond between FROM
Excerpt from Transition from noun+prep intererest in belief in way to alternative to participation in solution to similarity to answer to difference between similarity between confusion between quarrel between
awareness of trouble with problem with
matter with success in rise in relationship with attack on dependence on reliance on
pressure on increase in Decrease in fall in
reply to response to objection to attitude to
damage to addiction to understanding of
opinion of cause of lack of difficulty in delay in cure for story about debate about argument about doubts about excitement about confusion about advantage of suspicion of proof of cost of reason for excuse for demand for desire for escape from relief from return from (or to) recovery from danger of example of

componenda:compromise dignarse:condescend abarrotería/tienda comestibles:grocery mantel:tablecloth manto/mesilla:mantel nudo:knot pretender:to attempt/woo fingir:pretend distraído:preoccupied jabon:soap tuna:prickly peatonal atún:tuna

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