Errores gramaticales en frases en inglés

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1. I wouldn't be able to eat. 2. I can't help but talk. 3. I was able to go. 4. I wouldn't have played.

2. English is spoken by many people all over the world. 3. The hamster can be kept in a cage. 5. The room hasn't been painted yet.

6. Your meal is being prepared by the chef. 7. When is the work going to be finished? 9. The doctor has ordered blood tests.

10. The door has to be locked before you leave.

3. 2. If I had studied more, I wouldn't have failed the test. 3. If I hadn't seen the stop sign, I wouldn't have had an accident. 4. If he could speak clearly, I could understand him.

5. I don't have to work, so I can meet you tomorrow.

4. 1. Get it cleaned. 2. Get it checked. 3. Get it marked. 4. Have you brought it? 5. I was having my hair cut.

5. 1. If I couldn't have left the party early, I could have seen Wendy. 4. My dress could be ruined by the rain. 6. Dinner will be served at 8:00. 7. Yvonne hired an interior designer to design her house.

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