English Verb Tenses: Simple, Continuous, Perfect, and Future

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Presente simple

Afirmativa: persona + verbo (3a sg -s)(He, She, It) I play Yo juego

Negativa: persona + don't/doesn't(3a sg) + verbo You don't play

Interrogación: do/does(3a sg) + persona + verbo Does she play?

Presente continuo

Afirmativa: persona + to be (am, is, are) + verbo (-ing)I am playing Yo estoy juego

Negativa: persona + am not/ isn't/ aren't + verbo (-ing) You aren't playing

Interrogación: to be + persona + verbo (-ing) Is he playing?

Pasado simple

Afirmativa: persona+ verbo (-ed/ 2ª columna irregulares) I played Yo jugué

Negativa: persona + didn't + verbo He didn't play

Interrogación: did + persona + verbo Did you play?

Pasado continuo

Afirmativa: persona + to be en pasado (was/were) + verbo (-ing) I was playing Yo estaba jugando

Negativa: persona + wasn't/ weren't + verbo (-ing) He wasn't playing

Interrogación: was/were + persona + verbo (-ing) Were you playing?

Presente perfecto

Afirmativa: persona + have/has (has=3ª persona sg) + verbo (-ed/3ª columna) I have played Yo he jugado

Negativa: persona + haven't/hasn't + verbo (-ed/3ª columna) He hasn't played

Interrogación: have/has + persona + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) Have you played?

Pasado perfecto

Afirmativa: persona + had + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) I had played Yo había jugado

Negativa: persona + hadn't + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) He hadn't played

Interrogación: had + persona + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) Had you played?

Futuro simple

Afirmativa: persona + will + verbo I will play Yo jugaré

Negativa: persona + won't + verbo You won't play

Interrogación: will + persona + verbo Will he play?

Futuro con be going to

Afirmativa: persona + am/is/are + going to + verbo I am going to play Yo voy a jugar

Negativa: persona + am not/isn't/aren't + going to + verbo He isn't going to play

Interrogación: am/is/are + persona +going to + verbo Are you going to play?

Futuro continuo

Afirmativa: persona + will + be + verbo(-ing) I will be playing Yo jugarè

Negativa: persona + won't + be + verbo(-ing) He won't be playing

Interrogación: will + persona + be + verbo(-ing) Will you be playing?

Futuro perfecto

Afirmativa: persona + will + have + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) I will have played Yo habre jugado

Negativa: persona + won't + have + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) He won't have played

Interrogación: will + persona + have + verbo (-ed/3ªcolumna) Will you have played?

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