English Language Practice: Reading, Listening, and Vocabulary

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1-The Minister of Education is believed to have resigned from his post.

2-The young tree was being bent to the ground by the wind.

3-If a famous director hadn't seen her act in a school play, Brenda wouldn't have been a star.

4-I wish I had bought some tickets for the concert.

5-Despite the fact that the house was very old, we managed to sell it.

6-He asked if I had heard the news the previous night.

7-I have my money sent monthly to my bank account in London.

8-The bed (which) I slept in last night was very uncomfortable.

9-It was such an expensive ticket for the match that I didn't buy it.

10-Your classmate may have left his book on the desk.

11-He suggested going out as soon as possible.

12-Peter must be at home because the phone is engaged.

13-This is Jenny, whose son you will be working with.

14-I haven't gone to Brussels for two years.

15-Neither Colin nor Jane know how to drive.

16-I wish I could use the mobile phone at school.

17-If only we hadn't bought a motorcycle.

18-My boyfriend apologized for forgetting my birthday the day before.

19- If only I had bought some tickets for the concert.

20-You shouldn't have thrown the ball against the window.

21-I explained John the exercise so that he passed the exam.

22-Is the rubbish taken every day?

23-They were such cute puppies that everyone wanted to adopt them.


You'd better go to the cinema.

I heard my brother singing in his bedroom./tell you the secret

I regret to tell/inform you that our trip has been postponed.

I'd like to know how to play football.

We'll go on driving to the hotel.

I think it's worth studying to pass the exam.

If you don't like eating pizza don't go to the Stop.

Did you remember to buy the cream for the strawberries?

I can't do the shopping. I've forgotten to take/bring my wallet.

Driving on the left in Spain is forbidden.


1-An acquaintance is someone who you know although he isn't your friend.

2-A civil servant is someone who works in a public post.

3-If someone has to face the music for something he has done, he must accept the consequences.

4- A product sell by date is the date until a product can be sold.

5-A synonym for to purchase is to buy.

6-Food is tasteless when it doesn't have any salt or flavor.

7-A friend is unreliable when you can't trust him.

8-If you give up a seat to an old person, this means you let him/her sit on your seat.

9-You say that you can't stand something when you can't resist it.

10-we say that some food is edible when you can eat it.

11-If somebody lets you down, it means you are disappointed with him/her.

12-Checked clothes are clothes with a square pattern.

13-The adverb actually means in fact.

14-You say it's my fault when you are guilty of something.

15-if you withdraw money from the bank you take money.

16-vegetables are raw if they aren't cooked.


a) Find Words

-intolerable : unbearable

-surmount, get over : overcome

-enclosures, confined sections of a city : ghettos

-narrating, telling : recounting


-If you had seen the film, you would have known about the Jewish people's life.

- Patrick Doyle is considered a great film composer by many people.

-It took her lifetime to recover from the horrors of the Holocaust.

-Although they hurried to get tickets for the concert, when they arrived they were all sold out.


Science fiction or space.

-You hear two friends... - it wasn't his choice to see it

-You hear two teenagers... - his explanation for the strange lights

-You hear a boy talking... - It made him feel ill

-You hear someone talking about... - It was worthwhile to go

-You hear a man and a woman... - The program is still ...

-You hear someone introducing... - How time travel may be possible

-You hear a TV presenter... - The history of the telescope

-You hear an astronaut... - How the food is served

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