English Language and Culture: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

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Linguistics / Grammar

Recommended Texts

  • CRYSTAL, D. (1997): The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Quirk, R. and S. Greenbaum (1991): A University Grammar of English. London: Longman.
  • Quirk, R. et al. (1985). A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. London: Longman.
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  • Jones, D. “English Pronouncing Dictionary” London, Dent and Sons 1967.
  • Gimson A. C. “An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English” Arnold 1970.

Teaching / Programme

Methodology and Pedagogy

  • DOUGLAS BROWN, H.: Teaching by Principles. An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. Prentice Hall Regents. 1994.
  • LARSEN-FREEMAN, D: Teaching and Principles in Language Teaching. O.U.P. 1986.
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  • Ellis, G. and Sinclair B. “Learning to Learn English” C.U.P. 1989.
  • Nunan, D. (1998), The Learner-centred Curriculum. Cambridge: CUP.


Anthologies and Histories

  • ABRAMS et al.: The Norton Anthology of English Literature. N.Y.: W.W. Norton, 2012.
  • LEGOUIS, E.: A Short History of English Literature. Oxford: O.U.P 1986.
  • ROGERS, P.: The Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature. Oxford: O.U.P. 1987.
  • BRUMFIT, C. And R. Carter (2001): Literature and Language Teaching. Oxford: OUP.


British and American History

  • MORGAN, K.O.: The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain. O.U.P. Oxford, 1987.
  • FOSTER, R.F.: The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland. O.U.P., 1989.
  • BROGAN, H.: The History of the United States of America. Penguin Books. New York, 1985.
  • ROBINS, K.: Modern Britain, 1870-1975. London, 1983.


Understanding British and American Culture

  • BRITAIN 1997. An Official Handbook. The Stationery Office (1996).
  • BROMHEAD, P. (1991): Life in Modern Britain. Harlow: Longman.
  • BROMHEAD, P. (1991): Life in Modern America. Harlow: Longman.
  • LONGMAN DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH Language and Culture. Harlow: Longman. 1992.
  • CROWTHER, J. (1999): Oxford Guide to British and American Culture. OUP.

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