English Grammar and Vocabulary Guide for Job Seekers

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Grammar Review

This section covers essential grammar points for everyday English usage:

  • Wish: past simple, past perfect, would
  • So+adj+that: such+adj+noun+that
  • She takes: it takes her
  • Although: despite the fact that
  • Too+adj: not+adj+enough
  • Unless: if..not
  • I would prefer to+inf: I'd rather+inf
  • Remember: ing
  • Regret+ing: regret to
  • Try: ing
  • Shouldn't/ought to/had better
  • Be about to+inf: on the point of+gerund
  • It's time+past simple
  • Past simple + ago: have+ed
  • To be fond of: like+gerund
  • on your own: by yourself
  • More than/better than: as..as
  • I haven't seen Peter for ages_: It's ages since I saw Peter
  • Regret: ing
  • Apologise: to+inf
  • Mind: ing
  • Remember..: forget to
  • Don't forget to...her brother said: her brother reminded him to...
  • As long as/only if/providing/provided
  • They said that: is said to
  • Never..before: it's the first time+present simple
  • It was such: adjective+noun

Vocabulary for Employment and Education

This section provides vocabulary related to job seeking and education:


  • Belt: cinturon
  • Bowtie: pajarita
  • Laces: cordones
  • Naked: desnudo
  • Scarf: bufanda
  • Socks: calcetines

Job Applications

  • Short list: presentación candidatos
  • Fill in: rellenar
  • Applications forms: formularios
  • Interview: entrevista
  • Applicants: solicitantes

Work and Career

  • Commute: viajar
  • Prospects: perspectivas
  • Promotion: ascenso
  • Retire: jubilarse
  • Pagas extras: perks
  • Terms: trimestre


  • Degree: titulo, carrera
  • Co-educational: mixto
  • Nursery school: guarderia
  • Grant: beca
  • Clase universidad: lecture
  • Break up: interrumpir
  • Compulsory: obligatorio
  • Fees: tasas
  • Public sc..: colegio privado
  • State sc...: colegio publico

Employment Actions

  • To apply for a job: solicitar trabajo
  • Applicant: solicitante
  • To turn down: rechazar
  • To work shift time: trabajar a turnos
  • Workforce: población activa
  • To go on strike: ir a huelga
  • To get the sack/fire: despedido/despedir
  • The dole queue: cola paro
  • Retirement: jubilación
  • To be promoted: ascendido
  • To resign: dimitir
  • Resignation: dimisión
  • Employment: empleo
  • Unem..: desempleo
  • Employee: empleado

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