English Grammar: Verb Tenses and Adjectives

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  • Present Simple: pronoun + present form of verb.
  • Present Continuous: pronoun + am/is/are + verb + -ing.
  • Past Simple: pronoun + second column.
  • Past Continuous: pronoun + was/were + verb + -ing.
  • Past Perfect: pronoun + had + third column.
  • Present Perfect Simple: pronoun + have/has + third column.
  • Present Perfect Continuous: pronoun + have/has + been + verb + -ing.


  • Extreme Adjectives: totally, completely, and absolutely.
  • Normal Adjectives: very, extremely, rather, and quite.
  • Both: really.
  • Vocabulary: u1 arrogant, bossy, calm, cheerful, clever, confident, friendly, funny, hard-working, impatient, lazy, nervous, nice, patient, quite, reliable, selfish, serious, shy, talkative, tidy, unfriendly, untidy. u2 break down, check in, get away, get in, get into/out of, get on/off, sett of, take off. u3 busy, clean, crowded, dirty, historic, lively, modern, noisy, quiet.

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