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2a 3b 4b 5c 6a 7a 8b 9c 10b 11c 12b 13c 14a 15c 16b 17c 18a 19a 20b 21c 22a 23d 24c 25a 4- 1 I can’t come to the brunch, 2 you shouldn’t leave a child unsupervised, 3 you must sign up to take the course, 4 I can’t study and work at the same time, 5 you don’t have to book in advance, 6 you must be there on time, 7 you don’t have to read all those books, 8 you can’t swim here, 9 you can’t drive over the speed limit as it’s against the law, 10 you should spend more time with her 5- 1- I should have studied more, 2 he must have finished the exercise, 3 they didn’t need to have reserved the tickets, 4 Ridley Scott can’t have directed this film, 5 you should have written as many words as possible, 6 you shouldn’t have gone to that party, 7 she could run fast but she didn’t, 8 it must have been a disaster, 9 the government shouldn’t have applied all those economic policies, 10 your boyfriend shouldn’t have started smoking, 11 he could go to the party, 12, it can’t be our plane, 13, you don’t need to take a thick coat 14 I should have paid half of the meal, but I didn’t 15 Mary shouldn’t talk about us 16 May Anita didn’t get the text message, 17 you must turn off the mobile phone 18 it can’t be easy bringing up children 19 Mr. Smith may have committed a crime 20 I couldn’t cook when I was younger 8-1 should have offered, 2 must have known e ought to go 4 must have left 5 may have read. 10- 1, if you go to Britain, you will be able to speak English all day, 3 if I had enjoyed my birthday there I would go back, 4 if you had told me where you were I could have got in touch 5 if you come on holiday with us you will enjoy it, 6 if she had written, he wouldn’t have forgotten her, 7 unless he gets 60% of the answers correct, he won’t get the certificate, 8 if you had reminded me about my dentist appointment I wouldn’t have forgotten it, 9 if we don’t go we will be late, 10, unless he hurries, he will miss the train 11 if she had done her homework, she would have got better marks, 12 if they had followed the map, they wouldn’t have got lost, 13 unless I can find another job, I don’t want to leave my present job, 14 if the TV wasn’t so expensive, I would buy it, 15 if I had a map, I would lend you one 16 if you had told me we had run out bread, I would have bought some 17 if there had been taxis he wouldn’t have come by bus.

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