Using 'going to' in English: Formation, Negation, and Interrogation

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SUJETO + am/are/is going to + VERBO EN INFINITIVO.

I am going to eat.

You are going to eat.

He is going to eat.

To form the negation, add not after am/are/is:

SUJETO + am/are/is not going to + VERBO EN INFINITIVO

I am not going to dance tonight.

To form the interrogation, invert the order of the subject and the auxiliary verb to be:

am/are/is + SUJETO + going to + VERBO EN INFINITIVO ?

Are you going to dance tonight?

Short answers: Yes, I am. Yes, you are. Yes, he is.

No, I'm not. No, you aren't. No, she isn't.

Wh - Questions:

What are you going to do this weekend?

When is your mum going to come home this afternoon?

How long are they going to wait?

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