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P.S: every day,sometimes,always,never/I don't-doesn't

P.C:now,at the moment,look!/inf+isn't+ing(sta pssnt en el momnt q parles)
P.P.S:just,yet,already,since,for/have-has+3ª(a comnçat prsent pro t continu)
P.P.C:all day,since,for/have-has+been+inf+ing(accio passat acabada)
p.C:while/was/were+inf+ing(accio q passa a meitat d'una altra)
p.P.S:already,just,never/had+3ª-ed(1ªacc p.Simple i 2ªacc p.Perfect)
p.P.C:how long,since,for/had+been+inf+ing(estona abans d q pases algo)

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