Emotion and Control in 1984: A Study of Party Influence

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1. Not to Let One's Feelings Appear in One's Face

Context: Julia hurt her arm and Winston does not really know how to feel towards it, but he was watching how Julia's facial expression did not change was a matter of instinct especially because of the telescreen.

Significance: It shows how the party has so much control of how emotions are portrayed.

2. I Love You

Context: Winston is in his cubicle when he sees a paper on his desk, he assumes it's the thought police but it wasn't from them. When he reads the note he is shocked.

Significance: It shows how they are so numb to emotion and that when they're confronted with it, they don't know how to react.

3. Always Yell with the Crowd, That's What I Say

Context: Julia is talking to Winston when they meet at the stop together. She had taken a piece of chocolate and shared it with Winston and explains the type of person she is.

Significance: It's explaining Julia's thought process in how she lives her life and how she is perceived by others.

4. Listen. The More Men You've Had, the More I Love You/ Do You Understand That

Context: Winston and Julia are in the Golden Country when they are about to have sex and he is happy that Julia has slept with many men & loves to have sex, he is releasing his animal instinct.

Significance: Realizing that the party is corrupt, Winston likes that Julia is impure and these types of emotions can ruin the party.

5. But You Could Not Have Pure Love or Pure Lust Nowadays

Context: Winston and Julia are still in the Golden Country under a hazel tree. Winston admires Julia's body before engaging in sex.

Significance: As a member of the outer party, all members have rules to abide by, expressing emotions is forbidden, emotion is impure and is feared and hated. Winston and Julia are embracing the moment that they know won't last forever.

6. All This Marching Up and Down and Cheering and Waving Flags Is Simply Sex Gone Sour

Context: Winston is repeating what Julia said, Julia is talking about her sexuality, she also talks about how the party controls sexual actions by the citizens.

Significance: The party controls sexual actions, sex is only for reproduction- to produce more citizens- more citizens means more to live in by the party rules.

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