El problema del alcohol y sus consecuencias

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A lot of people have different points of view about this topic, it is difficult to find an only conclusion but I am going to try to give it

Alcohol is a problem that has been around for years, it makes consumers addicted and a lot of families suffer because of that drug. It is also something that underage people can consume. Alcohol has many risks, it can cause an ethyl coma if you drink too much, and it can also lead to various health diseases if you are a regular consumer.

To sum up, despite having different opinions, from my personal point of view, alcohol doesn't have any benefits, and we shouldn't drink it.

4. a- that; b- between; c- old; d- than; e- been; f- their

6. Tom invited Ann to have dinner with him.

She told us to shut the door but not to lock it.

This is the most difficult decision I have had to make for years.

I don't think there is a need for a new road.


1. Teenagers' drinking habits have decreased by 14% over the last ten years.

2. Liam gives his personal explanation when he says that there is nothing beautiful in being drunk, and he also said that one time he had to put his parents' friends to bed.

4. a- that; b- been; c- a; d- place; e- when; e- had

5. Jack reminded me not to forget to post the letter.

She wouldn't let me read the letter.

It's the biggest meal I have ever had.

He was angry with me for being late.

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