Effective Meeting Communication and Business Etiquette

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participant: participar - schedule: organizar - confirm: confirmar - attend: asistir - convenient: libre - busy: ocupado - tied up: ocupado - previous committed: compromiso previo

  1. check the calendar/attend the meeting
  2. previous commitment
  3. make arrangement
  4. busy and convenient
  1. we'll have a short break
  2. sharp
  3. light refreshments
  4. equipment
  5. projector
  6. microphone

reschedule: reprogramar - arrange: organizar - postpone: posponer - suit: estar disponible - participate: participar

  1. i can't make the meeting... b) reschedule
  2. we don't need to meet... b) cancel
  3. katie will... a) suit
  4. i won't be able to... a) postpone
  1. michael is on the phone... c)
  2. david jones is held... e)
  3. mr kelly had to... a)
  4. greg came for... b)
  5. we'll have to start... d)

cold: frío - earache: dolor de oídos - broken leg: pierna rota - headache: dolor de cabeza - upset stomach: dolor de barriga - toothache: dolor de muelas - sore throat: dolor de garganta - flu: gripe


  1. yes i am. there are some... cycling. A) yes the new bicycles are... fantastic B) that's true. i'm ..sure A) its too bad... country B) as a matter of fact... participate
  2. last year we produced a very attractive.. exhibition/brochure
  3. stand
  4. business card
  5. promotional material
  6. free gifts
  1. the shoe.. exhibition
  2. name tag
  3. competitors
  4. display boards
  5. leaflets
  1. traffic light.. c)
  2. junction.. a)
  3. route.. h)
  4. sign.. b)
  5. entrance... f)
  6. exit.. d)
  7. bus stop.. e)
  8. train station.. g)
  1. get on... b)
  2. get off.. a)
  3. pass.. a)
  4. cross.. b)


  1. the prices on this invoice... error/a defect
  2. lost in the post
  3. the wrong item
  4. satisfaction
  1. the.. prince list (nº de cliente)
  2. how much do you.. charge (cargar a una cuenta)
  3. i'm very sorry we.... apologise for the inconvenience (disculparse x la inconveniencia)
  4. we didn't mean to.. overcharge (sobrecarga)
  5. the.. shipping date (fecha de envío)
  6. i'd like to.. make a complaint (hacer en la publicación)
  7. the company can use the.. customer number (nº de cuenta)
  8. i'm sorry.... cause a problem (causar un problema)

B) i ordered six lamps for our.... this morning, but three of.... overcharged. B) my name's glen... manager of shendon.... order number B) good an what about the.. mistake

  1. thank you for calling i'll be.... assist
  2. please.. return
  3. i want.. compensation
  4. how could they.. refuse
  5. i don't.... suggest
  1. did they lose business/credit your account
  2. under warranty
  3. check my records

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