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The Restoration was a return to the political system of the Ancien Regime that was imposed by the victorious European powers (Austria, Prussia, Russia and Great Britain) after Napoleon’s defeat (1815 - 1830).

The supporters of the Restoration believedthat the monarch was the only person cable of leading a country. Popular sovereignty and constitutions could no longer exist because they limited the power of the monarchy

With this objective in the view, the European powers met at the 1814 - 1815 Congress of Vienna. There they adopted a series of measures. Absolute monarchies were reinstated, Europe’s borders were changed, and The European powers agreed to support any monarch who was threatened by revolution.

Two European alliances were formed to enforce the agreements made at the Congress of Vienna.

  • The Holly Alliance included Russia, Prussia an Austria. Promised to support each other and this alliance did not play an important part in international relations.
  • The Quadruple Alliance included Russia, Prussia, Austria and Great Britain. Their main objective was to hold regular meetings in order to resolve Europe’s problems.

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