When can i eat vegetable oils and the dukan diet

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It prevents cardiovascular disease, some cancers (colon cancer) and obesity.
● Dairy products: cheese and yogurt, provide calcium.
● Olive oil: a higher proportion of unsaturated fats than other oils. It contains vitamin E.
● Fruit and vegetables: vitamins, minerals and fibre.
● Pulses and cereals: fibre and fat-free, vegetable proteins.
● Fish: source of calcium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamins A and D, unsaturated 
fats and proteins.

A balanced diet keeps the body healthy. It helps prevents disease and enables the body to grow and develop properly.
For a balanced diet, you need to know:
● The characteristics of the foods you eat and the function in the body.
● The nutrients in foods.
● The daily amount of nutrients necessary.

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