The earl lucanor

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Aolverbs of manner

slowly, clearly, carefully, easyly,teribly. 

Goog-well, foot-fast,Hand-hard, earl-eanly.Late-late 

 Present continous 

mai es fica: 


to feel  to hear 

to hear  to see

to smell


to envy, to fear, to dislike. To hate .To hope. To like. To love. To mind. 

to prefer. To regret. To want. To wish.


to assume, to believe, to consider. To doubt, to feel (= pensar). To find (= considerar), to suppose, to think


to contain to cost to hold to measure to weight

Estados mentales   

to forget, to imagine, to know, to mean, to notice, to recognise. To remember, to understand

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