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Annual disaster and its consequences This situation is aggravated by the military disaster of Annual (July 1921) in the Rif: 12,000 Spanish soldiers died. The leftist opposition demanded an investigation (file Picasso). Responsibilities involving political, military and the king himself. Given this critical situation, some guiding the army decided to intervene and take control of power. The master head genral of Catalonia in the coup that would end 47 years of operation of the Constitution of 1876.

Canalejas Liberal Party conducted a far-reaching political regeneration between 1910-1912, new labor laws, elimination of consumption tax, the Padlock Act (which limited the creation of new convents and religious institutions) and especially Recruitment Act (1912), which eliminated the fee Soldier, but not end discrimination in respect to military service. These reforms were cut short by the murder of Canalejas in 1912.

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