Digestive System and Respiratory System

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Digestive System

Mouth. Salivary-Amylase (carbohydrates). Mechanical and chemical.

Epiglottis. Esophagus. Stomach. Pepsin (protein). Both. Small intestine. Lipids, proteins, carbs, nutrients digestion. Amylase, trypsin (protein), lipase (fat), maltase (disaccharides), peptidase (amino acids).

Large intestine, water absorption. Rectum. Anus. Liver. Secretes bile. Amylase, catalase, lipase, proteases. Chemical. Gall bladder. Store bile. Pancreas. Secretes enzymes to the large intestine. Amylase, trypsin, lipase. Chemical.

Respiratory System

Nasal cavity. Pharynx. Epiglottis. Larynx. Trachea. Bronchus. Bronchioles. Lungs. Diaphragm.

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