Delicious Cocktail Recipes with Unique Garnishes

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90 Miles to Florida

Lime Wheel

Angry Sailor

Lime Wheel
2 Straws

Berry Mojito

2 blackberries skewered on prism pick
mint sprig in between two blackberries

The Clover

Orange Twist (twist over drink and drop in)

Coconut Mint Lemonade

Mint Sprig
2 Sipper Straws

The Dirty

3 blue cheese olives on a prism pick all facing the same direction

The Diva

Pineapple wedge

Dos Sauza Marg

2 Lime wedges

Effen Good

Cucumber slice
Mint sprig
(sprig stem thru slit of cucumber)

Grand Lemon Drop

Sugar rim
Lemon Twist (twist over drink and drop)

Havana Classic Mojito

2 lime wedges
mint sprig in between lime wedges


Pineapple wedge

Louie's cosmo

Lemon twist (twist over drink and drop)

Louie's Sangria by the Glass

Orange Wedge (rim)
Cherry (floating)

Louie's Sangria by the Pitcher

3 cherries (floating)

Mango Limeade

2 lime wedges

Mango Marg

Lime wedge
orange wedge

The Manhattan

3 stemless cherries on prism pick

Mason Dixon

2 lemon wedges (floating)
2 straws

The New Old Fashion

Cherry and Orange twist (skewered)

Orange Mule

Lime wheel (floating)

Peach Lightning

2 cherries
2 straws

Pom Peche

Orange/cherry horseshoe on prism pick

Rat Pack

1 olive on prism pick


2 cucumber slices (floating)

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