The Debate on Eating Meat and the Pursuit of Happiness

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Should People Stop Eating Meat?

More and more people today are talking about the harm that eating meat can cause. However, personally I am a carnivore and see no reason to change my eating habits.
Firstly, there's no doubt that eating meat provides us with a simple source of some essential nutrients. You have to eat a carefully planned combination of different foods.
Furthermore, some people object to the fact that we kill animals to eat meat. However, these people seem to forget that many animals hunt and kill to eat. One would hardly call a tiger or a shark unethical for eating meat.
Finally, vegetarians point out that the meat industry is harmful to the environment. While there is some truth to this, the problem should be solved by making regulations for the meat industry, and not by preventing people from eating meat.
In short, while I understand some of the objections to eating meat, I do not believe we should all become vegetarians. As I see it, people should be free to make their own dietary choices, and I am on the side of the meat-eaters.

Does Money Bring Happiness?

Many of us imagine that we would be happier if we were rich. We believe that money can solve a lot of our problems and help us achieve happiness. However, is this really?
On the one hand, there's no doubt that money allows people to buy many of the things they want. For example, with enough money, people have no problem making sure they have a place to live, food, clothing, and transport. In addition, money can also provide many luxuries such as the latest technological equipment, and much more.
On the other hand, money cannot give us everything that we need for happiness and it can even create some difficulties. For instance, most of us need family, friends, and love to be happy. Moreover, good health is also important. Furthermore, some rich people find that their lives lack challenge because everything comes so easily to them. These people are often deeply frustrated and unhappy.
In short, can money really make us happier people? In my opinion, being rich might help fulfill some of our dreams, but it cannot always guarantee that our lives will be filled with happiness.

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