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why did adrian burn the telephone bill at the bonfire party?

because he didn´t want his father to see how big it was.

why did adrian´s mother leave mr. lucas?

because mr. lucas treated her like a sex object and she is very fond of his father.

why did they have christmas lunch four hours late?

because the turkey was not desfroot.

why did adrian believe bert and queenie´s wedding was a waste of time?

because he was 90 and 80 years old.

why did pandora refuse to nake love with adrian?

because pandora doesn´t wont to become an single parent.

why didn´t pandora send adrian a birthaday card?

she was angry because adrian liked barbara.

what happened to adrian when he sniffed the glue on the model plane?

his nose stuck to the plane and ge hat to go to hospital to have it removed.

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