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I. 1-hannah met jaime in the summer of 2014. 2-jaime playied "yellow" because hannah was wearing a yellow dress. 3- jaime was talked hannah to dinner.II.1-pablo was not singing in the night. 2-was jennifer playing the piano? 3-sam and cloe were not playing in the night. 4-matilde and rose were studying yesterday.III. 1 many,2 a lot of,3 any, la 4 few y la 5 es la manyIV.1.Herself. 2.Myself . 3.Himself. 4.Ourselves 5. Yourselves. 6.Myself. 7.Herself.V. 1-beautiful pictures were taken that cristina. 2-my help is needed by maria. 3-the thief is arrested by mario. 4.The monalisa painted by leonardo da vinci.VI.1-addictive. 2-unrealistic. 3-funny. 4-amazing. 5-boring. 6-brillante. 7.Entrenador. FRANSISCA VII. DELIRIUM. -lauren oliver. -lena h. , Alex, hanna, grace, carol. -Lena h. Is a teenager who at his 18 years has to be produced for the disease of the love, where his company is calm and without love. In these months it knows to the love of his life, they two were trying to escape to live free and not to be killed by the crime of loving. -Lena and alex are near the fence that it separates from the world without love and the wild thing, they two estan being chased by the police. Only lena goes to the jungle, but alex is plundered by the police only for saving it and for love.

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