The Daffodil Sky: A Tale of Love, Jealousy, and Redemption

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The Daffodil Sky

The daffodil sky is about a man called Bill who arrived at his old town where he lived 18 years ago. He realized that everything changed, the footbridge was closed, the pub was different and the old shoe factory was no longer there, now they built a new shoe factory outside the town. Also, he asked a man about the owner of the pub, and the man said that he died 9 years ago. Bill asked about Cora Whitehead too, and another man told him that she still lived in the same street with her dad. This was the woman Bill was looking for because he had a story with her.

When Bill was young, he had a cart full of daffodils, which they sold. One rainy day he went to a bar and there was a girl who helped him enter the bar.

They stayed together in the pub a couple of hours, Bill really liked her. When the sun came out again he said goodbye to her and she told him that he will sell all the flowers. That day Bill sold them all and he believed that the girl brought him luck. She also helped him to find and buy a car very cheap. That summer they started dating.

Bill rented his land from an old man, Osborne, one day he asked Bill if he would buy the farm. Osborne offered him to pay a deposit and the rest later.

Bill told Cora about the offer, at first she wasn't sure but then she asked him if she could join to buy the farm, she had some pounds and told Bill that she could ask Frankie for help. Just then Bill told Cora that they would marry.

After some time Bill started feeling jealous of Frankie, Cora began to talk about Frankie all the time and seen more him than Bill. One day he asked Cora about Frankie and she told him that they knew Frankie all her life and they were together but they got apart because they were no good for each other. It took a month to get the money but at that time Bill was full of jealousy and Cora told him that she was pregnant. Bill didn't know if it was Frankie's child, so that evening Bill waited for Frankie where he always walked with his dog.

When Frankie arrived Bill was angry and told him they must talk, it was raining, Frankie's dog was yapping so he lifted his walking stick. Bill thought that Frankie was going to hit him so Bill pulled out his knife, Frankie fell down and died. In consequence Bill went to jail.

After eighteen years he was back and went to Cora's house. A girl opened the door, she was the exact same as Cora, Bill realized that she was her daughter. Cora wasn't home, Bill had to go but he met his daughter.

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