Craniometric points

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In the neurocranium acknowledge the following points Craniometric sagittal (Fig. 1), (Fig. 2), (Fig. 3), (Fig. 4) Nasion: Intersection of frontonasal sutures and internasal. Glabella: most prominent point of the frontal in the midsagittal plane. It is located on the brow ridges between. Bregma: Intersection of sagittal and coronal sutures. Vertex: Point skull highest average in the mid-sagittal plane. Lambda: Intersection of sagittal and lambdoid sutures. Opistocranio: Point of the squama occipital in the sagittal plane is farthest from the glabella point. May coincide with the point Inion. Inion: A Meeting of the line occipital (nuchal) exceeding the median sagittal plane. Generally corresponds to the external occipital protuberance. Opisthion: Midpoint of the posterior border of the foramen magnum. Basion: Midpoint of the anterior border of the foramen magnum. Sfenobasion: Point of intersection, exocraneo, the spheno-occipital suture in the midsagittal plane. Hormion: Point of intersection of the posterior edge of the wings of the vomer and the sphenoid body with the midsagittal plane. In the neurocranium Craniometric recognize the following side: Coronal: most lateral point of the coronal suture, usually located farther stefanion flow. Stefanion: Point of intersection of the coronal suture in the superior temporal line. Sfenion: Point of intersection coronal suture with the spheno-parietal suture. Eurion: most lateral point of the neurocranium, can be located in the parietal or the temporal squama. Porion: most concave point at the top of the external auditory meatus. Mastoidal: most caudal point the temporal mastoid process. Asterion: Point of convergence of the temporal bone, parietal and occipital.

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