The count of lucanor the story of a young man who because of poverty ate lupins

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Ambiguity - when a single event or expression can mean two different things to two different people

Example: When it is announced that another baby is on the way, Father remarks, “That could create some problems.” He means problems with money, but his young son thinks, “You’re right, dad! I don’t want to share my room and toys with anybody!”

Aphorism - a brief statement expressing some truth as shown is a story; it can be a moral, or proverb, or maxim.

Examples: Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Everyone is afraid of something. Don’t make a big fuss if someone isn’t like us.

Caricature - exaggeration or distortion of a physical trait or behavior, to make a character appear comic or ridiculous

Example: Her nose was needle sharp, with nostrils as small and black as a mouse’s eyes

Character - a person or player (it can also be an animal, an imaginary creature) 

Examples: The Big Bad Wolf, Harry Potter, Cinderella

Circular Story - a story which begins and ends at the same place, usually following a character through different adventures or events; although the character arrives back where he/she started, he or she should now have a different perspective or feeling based upon experiences

Example: A poor farmer travels to the city where he observes many expensive buildings and belongings, all owned by the same man. He is jealous of that man until he sees a funeral, and learns that the rich man is dead. Although the man was extremely wealthy, he could enjoy none of that in death. The poor farmer returns home, happy with what little he owns because he is alive to enjoy it.

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