Correcting Grammar and Spelling Errors in English Sentences

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Have got - Ann and Bill had red shirts

Has got - The dog had big ears

Has got - Debbie had a small house

Have got - You and I had homework



Frank didn't have long hair


Have got

Barbara and Frank had dogs


Hasn't got

Frank didn't have big eyes


Hasn't got

Frank didn't have a cat


Have got

Barbara and Frank had trousers



The dog has got big eyes - The dog had big eyes

The teacher has got a big classroom - The teacher had a big classroom

Susan and I have got black cats - Susan and I had black cats

You and Sharon have got two apples - You and Sharon had two apples


Brian hasn't got big eyes - Brian didn't have big eyes

Brian hasn't got a cat - Brian didn't have a cat

Brian has got a dog - Brian had a dog

Brian has got trousers - Brian had trousers

Brian hasn't got a book - Brian didn't have a book


Susan hasn't got a hat - Susan didn't have a hat

Haven't got - William and Susan didn't have jumpers

Has got - Susan didn't have a pencil case

Have got - Susan and William had books

Hasn't got - William didn't have a banana


Have William and Susan got pencils? Yes, they have - Did William and Susan have pencils? Yes, they did

Has Susan got a ruler? No, she hasn't

Did Susan have a ruler? No, she didn't

Have Susan and William got pens? Yes, they have

Did Susan and William have pens? Yes, they did

Has William got an apple? Yes, he has

Did William have an apple? Yes, he did

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