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Inspection: devs review code to find errors of omission or commission, ambiguity and lack of clarity, violation of standards, and other issues.

Inspection Roles: author (dev responsible for work product), inspectors (inspect work product), scriber or recorder (records issues), moderator (directs preparation and meetings), manager (schedules inspection, assigns moderator and team)

Meeting Rules: manager not present, inspectors take turns showing issues, producer doesn't defend work and problems are not solved in meeting

Checklists: useful for reminding inspectors of issues; inhibits them from discovering other issues

Categories of Testing: Synthetic testing (tool generates data), Field testing, Simulation testing

Limitations of Testing: cannot demonstrate correctness, not certain to reveal all defects

Alts to Testing: inspection,static program analysis, program verification, reliability estimation

Testing costs: analysis of specs and program, test data generation, program execution, evaluation of program behavior; manual effort

Test Oracle: determines if test outcome is correct, human checks or automated, partial checks can be automated

Phases: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, field testing, acceptance testing, regression testing

When: as soon as possible, upon completing component, repair costs low, use tool supports like JUnit

Synthetic: select test data to reveal defects, souces of info used include (knowledge of code errors, application domain, requirement spec document, code), used to define testing criteria, typically manually done

Types of synthetic testing: functional, structural, boundary and special value, interaction, model-based, fault-based, random, hybrid 

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