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Dear Sir or Madam,    I am writng with reference to the above order, which I placed on your website on 3 February.       The order was for a size XL black running top. Unfortunately, it was not delivered until four weeks after it was ordered, and when it finally arrived, it was not the correct size or color. I therefore returned the package to you immediately with a note. However, I have not any reply for you, despite the fact that it is now two weeks since I returned the godos to your warehouse.       I would be grateful if you could either send me an update regarding this order or arrange for a refund to be made. It has now been six weeks since the original order was made and would appreciate it if the situation could be resolved as son as posible.     I look forward to your reply.        Yours faithfully, Adam Brophy.

Hey Kathy,      Good to hear from you. Thanks for the potos-looks like you had a goos time in Barcelona, though I expect you´re feeling por now, aren´t you? Were you on Holiday with your parents? Hope you didn´t do too much damage to their credit cards!!     You were asking about my brother-he´s on great form- he did a triathlon recently. It´s his birthday next week and I ordered him a runing top but it hasn´t come yet, so I´m desperately thinking of what present I could get him any ideas???     Not muchs news here, really. I´m really busy studying for exams. What about you? You got that part-time job in a supermarket, didn´t you? It would be a nice sorprise.      Anyway, think about it and let me know your plants.     Hope all´s well. Keep in touch.     Lorenzo.

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