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  1. Bad-tempered (about): angry, annoyed

  2. Cheerful (about): happy and positive

  3. Content (with): pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement

  4. Down (about): unhappy and depressed

  5. Fed up (with): annoyed or bored by something that you have experienced for too long

  6. Irritated (by): annoyed

  7. Optimistic (about: always believing that good things will happen

  8. Anxious (about): worried and nervous

  9. Concerned (about): worried

  10. Depressed (about): unhappy and without hope for the future

  11. Furious (with): Extremely angry

  12. Over the moon (about): very pleased

  13. Pessimistic (about): always believing that bad things are likely to happen

  14. Petrified (of): extremely frightened

  15. Relieved (about): happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended

  16. Scared (of): frightened or worried

  17. definitely: without any doubt

  18. frequently: often

  19. However: despite whatever amount or degree

  20. Last week: the week before

quickly: At a fast speed

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