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Chapter 18: Organizational Change and Stress Management

Forces for change:list a couple

Change:Making things different. 

planned change:Change activities that are intentional and goal oriented. 

Change agents:Persons who act as catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing change activities. 

Overcoming resistance to change.

Tactics can help change agents deal with resistance to change:

Communication:Communication is more important than ever in times of change. One study of German companies revealed changes are most effective when a company communicates a rationale that balances the interests of various stakeholders 

ParticipationIt’s difficult to resist a change decision in which we’ve participated. Assuming participants have the expertise to make a meaningful contribution, their involvement can reduce resistance, obtain commitment, and increase the quality of the change decision. However, against these advantages are the negatives: the potential for a poor solution and a great consumption of time 

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