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Activity 6:

Type of settlement: In a dispersed Settlement, farmers dwelling are separated from one another and surrounded by The land they farm. In a concentrated settlement, dwellings are grouped into a Village or hamlet. Meanwhile in interspersed settlements some dwellings are Grouped together, while others are isolated

Habitat: includes dwellings and Agricultural buildings, such as barns, stables and wine cellars. Are usually Made from local materials.

Farmland: In terms of size, fields Can be small (less than 10 hectares), medium-sized (between 10-100 hectares) or Large (+100 hectares).  Their shape can Be regular or irregular. With regard to their location, they can be open (if They are separated from one another by a furrow or boundary markers) or closed (if they are surrounded by fences, trees, walls)

Their use can be for agriculture, Livestock farming or silviculture.

Agrarian social organisation:

Has an impact on agrarian activity In terms of property, which can be private or collective and land exploitation Or use, which can be direct if landowners or their employees work the land Themselves, or indirect in the owner allows a tenant or partner to work the Land.

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