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1-What caused population decline in ?
there was a series of bad harvests and traditional methods of agriculture were unable to increase production
2-What were the causes of the war in the 17th century ? What were the effects ?
there were political rivalries and batless between nations caused thirty years war
3- What changes in trade and production took place in europe?
This lef to a fall in mediterranean and baltic trade and a crisis of the countries and traders that dominated these routes.And appearence of manufactures
4_ Explain the absolute monarchy?
Absolutism means that the monarch has absolute power over all of the inhabitants in the kingdom.This monarchs model was completely centralist , all state institutions answered to the monarch,who was the law
5-How did monarchs ruled their kingdoms?
To excersise authority, the monarch used the support of institutions that advised him or her (council of state).There were also ,ministers that implemented the monarchs orders .
6- What was the mercantilism  ? The monarchies believed that the
The country wealth depended on the amount of precious metals ( gold and silver ) it had . The currency was minted or guaranted by precious metals .
7- Explain the english revolutions in the 17th century?
Two revolutions in england caused it to become the first country establish a monarchy with power limited by parliament.
8- How many levels of goverment did the dutch republic have ?
A council of state , normaly presided over by a member of the orange-nassau family.
9-How did the english political system work?(There powers)
In the new english political system of 1689. The kings power was controlled by parliament. Executive and legislative power were separate and justice was independent.
10-What were the consecuences of the whestphalia? Who were the winners and lossers ?
the european map with territorial concessions to france and Sweden ,the independence of the netherlands and switzerland and the authority of the german states from imperial power.
11- what were the causes of the social and political conflicts ?
social conflicts was linked to religious conflict because the bourgesie had more power in protestant countries

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