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Fetus: developing unborn baby.

Uterus: organ in which fetus grows.
Birth canal: vagina and lower part of Uterus.
Placenta: also known as afterbirth – Organ thru which fetus exchanges Nourishment and waste products during Pregnancy, also acts as a protective Barrier to some degree.
Umbilical cord: cord which connects fetus To placenta.
Amniotic sac: sac that surrounds the fetus Inside the uterus, filled with amniotic fluid.
Crowning: bulging-out of the vagina as the Fetus’ head or presenting part presses Against it.
“bloody show": mucus and blood that may Come out of the vagina as labor begins.
Labor: time and process of delivering infant, Beginning with first uterine muscle contraction, Through delivery of the placenta. Stages: 
                     • Onset of contractions thru full dilation of cervix.
                     • Delivery of baby.
                     • Delivery of placenta.
Abortion: also known as miscarriage – delivery Of products of conception early in pregnancy.

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