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Spain between the two world wars. Distorship and the republic

  • 1921 the spanish communist party was founded

  • King Alonso XII accepted the coop of Miguel Rimo de Rivera. This lead to a period of dictatorship.

  • 1931, the republican party war the elections, the king decided to abdicate and the second Republic 2nd Republic was declared

  • 1931 constiturion tried to solve some problems of Sapin:

                       - Agricultural reform distributed theland amony the workers

                        - Primary education not under church control

                         - votes for women

                         - civil marriage and divorce

                   - army reform

- 1933, right and central parties won the elctions

- 1936, socialists communists and  republican parties go together to the elections as the Frente popular. They won

- The right wing did not agree and on July 17 Franco began a coup

- the coup failed but the govermment was unable to reassert authority the spanish Civil War begun.

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