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During the Directory, Napoleon Bonaparte was a Corsican general who won several battles against the allied countries. He also took part in the coup d’état of 1799 to abolish the Directory that meant the end of the French Revolution After that, Napoleon ruled during two different periods: During the Consulate (1799-1804), and the Empire (1804-1814).Through the Consulate Napoleon gave himself more and more power. During the Empire he declared himself the Emperor of the French Napoleon was defeated in 1814 by a coalition of countries that fought against him.Congress of Vienna, the four major powers Austria, Russia, Prussia and Great Britain Napoleon was exiled to Elba but returns and immediately returned was defeated in the battle of Waterloo and returned to exile but this time to Saint Helena where he died Napoleon criteria: Government. Napoleon wanted national unification, controlled by a strong central Government, set up a constitutional monarchy, religious freedom, Education. Napoleon, favoured a state system of secular education. economic The State helped industry through tariffs and loans. He built Roads and canals to develop infrastructure and help trade, and established the Bank of France.

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